The Unfinished Swan (PS3)


I don’t always jump on new download-only games, but I could not resist trying this game that looked so serene, like Flower or Journey. I had a friend over one night, and hearing that it was a short game, we decided to take turns playing while the other watched until we beat it.

Amount Played: 2 hours; one full play through


The story begins just like that, a story in a book for children. It doesn’t feel drawn out, nor does the content seem too childish, and it really sets the tone for the game itself. Then you’re left with a blank white screen, a canvas of sorts, on which you’re free to discover the world that awaits. I won’t go into detail on what happens then, and I suggest you avoid watching any gameplay videos if you are genuinely curious about playing.

The game claims to be “about exploring the unknown”, which is a safe way to say it’s not going to have any really creative puzzles. It turns out to mostly be just things to alter in the environment, though it does grow in complexity. I did, however, experience a few moments of awe, but mostly because of the visual presentation.


  • More than the tech demo it appears to be
  • Great voice acting and an orchestral score


  • Short, very short, but with some replayability


A teaser trailer from Playstation.


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