Uncharted 3 (PS3)


This one has been a long time coming, but I finally got around to starting it. I played the first two Uncharted games with my girlfriend, whereby we would take turns playing until death then handing over the controller while the other sat and watched. That may sound agonizing at first, but it worked perfectly because of the cinematic nature of the series. Uncharted 1 and 2 were a thrill to watch as well as play. So, we decided to approach this game the same way.

Amount Played: 4 hours, completed 9 of 22 chapters


I feel like I’ve engaged in more melee combat than before. It’s pretty good and made even better when Drake uses the environment to aid in the fight. I’ll even say it’s better than shooting, which mostly feels like something to fill time. I’ve run across a couple puzzles as well, and was delighted that they had clever but easily discernible answers; I hate when designers simply hide part of the puzzle in the place you’ll look last (God of War 3). I’ve also spent quite a bit of time scaling buildings. Is it really Drake’s misfortune that every building he wants to enter must have a looked door as well as a clear path of things to climb on to reach an alternate entrance?

Treasures are still littered throughout the world, and we found a dozen without even trying. The novelty is lost on me though since I’ve had the PS3 long enough to realize Trophies are next to pointless. This isn’t the only game to make me think this, but I really wish there was a point to the pickups besides having another interesting 3D model to look at in the menu.

I love this game for its story, and I’m glad we’ve been playing on Easy. I never felt like the waves of enemies suited Uncharted well, especially with the PS3 controller, so I’m glad to get through them that much more quickly. It’s hard to gauge how far into the game we are after four hours, but I’m sure there’s plenty more. We still haven’t seen the desert or cruise ship from the trailers. I have no interest in online multiplayer, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for details on that.


  • Very interesting story, even if you don’t care about archaeology.
  • Awesome cinematic moments integrated into gameplay.
  • Almost all the characters are interesting.
  • Mostly more of the same Uncharted.


  • The traversal system (climbing, etc.) is not as tight as I remember from prior installments. FWIW, it’s probably still the best in the industry, but I do miss the stamina system from I Am Alive.
  • Shooting guns works well enough, but isn’t fun.


Here is the launch trailer.


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